Developmental Responses to Grief

Learn how children and teens understand and react to grief. Click here 


Explaining Death to Children 

Explaining how a person has died sounds like it would be difficult, but giving children fact based information is the best way to support children.  Learn more by clicking here.

Supporting Pre-Schooler Age Children

People often think that young children are better off not knowing the truth about their person's death.  At Tomorrow's Rainbow, we recognize that children rely on 2 important things from their adult 1) to know that they are loved "matter what" 2) to be able to trust them , "no matter".  Explaining about death is essential to supporting a healthy grief journey for young children. Click here to learn more on how to support grieving pre-school age children. 


Talking With Children & Teens About Substance Abuse & Overdose 

Explaining substance abuse and overdose deaths to children and teens may sound daunting, but at Tomorrow's Rainbow we know that best practice is to be honest after a death.  Children and teens benefit from the trust that their family shows, too.  Click here to learn how to explain substance abuse and overdose deaths in an age appropriate manner. 

Supporting Children & Teens After A Suicide Death
Children and teens need facts and support after a suicide death.  At Tomorrow's Rainbow we know that it is best practice to tell the truth after a death.  Let us help you use age appropriate explanations and ways to support children and teens after a suicide deaths. Click here to learn how. 

Supporting Children & Teens After A Murder/Homicide 

The aftermath of a horrific event can leave children and teens shaken.  Click here to learn how to support them through these difficult times. 

Supporting Children After The Death Of A Sibling

Click here to learn how to support children and teens after the death of a sibling. 

Answering Your Questions About Funerals 

Families often worry whether bringing children to the funeral is helpful or hurtful.  Tomorrow's Rainbow children have expressed that not being given the opportunity to attend the funeral was something they held a resentment about.  Click here to learn more about children attending funerals. 

Helping Children And Teens Dealing With Fears After A Death 

Death can trigger a lot of fears in children and teens.  Click here to learn more on how to help during those times. 

How to Talk With Children & Teens After Tragedy 

All too frequently our nation, community and family can be rocked by tragic events such as school shootings or terrorist attacks. Click here to learn how to explain these difficult events to children and teens.  


Tip Sheets for Teachers 

Click here to learn how to support students after a death, click here to learn how to support students dealing with a family member with a serious illness. 

Tip Sheets for Teens

Do you have a friend who is grieving? Wonder what you can do to support them?  Click here to check out some great tips!

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