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Becoming a Program Facilitator is a wonderfully rewarding opportunity. This hands-on experience is for adults and high school students (ages 16 and older) who would like to support bereaved children and teens along their grief journey. Program Facilitators help during peer support groups where children, teens, and families engage in play, therapeutic activities, and interactions with our miniature horses. No experience is necessary, just a caring heart!


Prospective Program Facilitators must pass a Level 2 background check in order to attend our Program Facilitator Training. This is a deeply reflective and informative 15-hour training that covers a wide range of topics including developmental stages, how children respond to grief, loss, and trauma, children's play, and how to cultivate coping skills. Program Facilitators learn effective communication techniques that prepare them to play a crucial, supportive role in providing hope and healing to the Tomorrow's Rainbow families.


Part of the Program Facilitator training experience is completing Tomorrow's Rainbow Equine Skills Training with our Equine Services Coordinator, Avi Smilovits.  This will help you to become comfortable working with horses and ready you for the equine/child experience. A minimum one-year commitment is required.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jo Vandervoort at 954.762.7038 or

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