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One beautiful day on a Texas highway, the lives of the Mosher family changed forever.  In a split second, their family vacation ended in tragedy.  A head-on collision took Paul's life, leaving his wife Abby and son Dustin, hospitalized.  In an instant, his infectious smile became a memory.


Abby knew something positive had to come from their senseless loss.  As she and Dustin worked to rebuild their lives, their only option for grief support was private therapy.  Thankfully they had good health insurance.  But Abby was saddened that so many children did not have the same benefit.  Weeks after the accident, Abby learned of the use of horses in therapy with sick and troubled children, and it hit her...Why not share the magic of miniature horses with an extraordinary group of bereaved kids?


Three years later, Abby met Shel and shared her dream with him.  Immediately, it became their dream and Tomorrow's Rainbow was born.  Now, Abby & Shel, a wonderful herd of miniature horses, UK Shetland ponies, horses, donkeys, four goats, and a pig live together and honor Paul's memory at Tomorrow's Rainbow.


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