Special Events

Special event volunteers help at fundraising events and grief camps.  Whether onsite at the ranch or offsite in the community, special event volunteers are critical to our event success!


Stable Attendants

Stable attendants help maintain the ranch and 4 legged counselors while keeping the property safe for the animals and the Tomorrow’s Rainbow families.


Program Facilitators

Program facilitators assist with peer facilitated grief support groups for children ages 3 to 18 by assisting with therapeutic art, play and horse interactions. No experience is necessary, just a caring heart!


Community & Corporate Groups

Community and corporate groups complete crucial service projects that help support Tomorrow's Rainbow families in a variety of ways, from improving the property to supporting our special events.


Thrift Store Attendants

At Tomorrow's Rainbow Thrift & Gift, attendants greet customers, assist with purchases, sort donations and help maintain the store's appearance at our upscale boutique style resale shoppe.

Eagle Scout Hunter.jpg

Scout and Service Projects

Need to earn your badge or community service award? Scouts and other civic groups contribute greatly to building or improving areas at Tomorrow’s Rainbow.