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Children's Grief Awareness Day

November 15th marked Children's Grief Awareness Day.  Tomorrow's Rainbow has been honored each year by the School Board of Broward County Proclaiming the Thursday before Thanksgiving to be Children's Grief Awareness Day.  This year, one of our MSD students spoke about her experience and how she was able to receive support and camaraderie from her two-legged peers and our four-legged facilitators. 


5 Qs with Abby Mosher of Tomorrow’s Rainbow

Abby Mosher shared with Lifestyle Media Group what it’s been like to continue to help children and families through grief even when they’re sheltering at home.

Four-Legged Grief Counselors Help Kids Cope At Tomorrow's Rainbow

Tomorrow's Rainbow Victim of Theft

On December 9th, 2018, the Tomorrow's Rainbow Thrift & Gift trailer was stolen containing donations that would have helped the charity maintain services free of charge for all clients. The community responded with an outpouring of support, including a $25,000 match grant by Parkland Cares.  To help meet our match grant goal, click here!

Tomorrow's Rainbow Coconut Creek, Florida

Tomorrow's Rainbow | Your South Florida

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